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Welcome to the
CHS Counseling Center! 

813 Eshom Road
Centralia, WA  98531

For students in need of translation services and/or interpretation, please know that we have staff available, on campus, for these services. Please request services in the counseling center or directly with your counselor.

Para los estudiantes que necesitan servicios de traducción y / o interpretación, sepan que contamos con personal disponible, en el campus, para estos servicios. Solicite servicios en el centro de asesoramiento o directamente con su consejero.

Our CHS Counselor hours of operation: Monday- Friday, 7.15AM - 2:45PM






Direct Phone




Tina Christenson

[email protected]  


Health Room

Health Room Assistant



Peggy Floyd  - Nurse

Jennifer Morris - Nurse

Karen Whittemore

[email protected]

[email protected]





A - G



Mikaela Gronseth

[email protected]


Direct Line



H - O



Nicole Rakoz

N Rakoz

[email protected]



Direct line



P - Z



Rose Waterfield

[email protected]  

Direct Line   


Graduation Success Coordinator 



LeighAnne Eiland  

[email protected]  

Direct Line


Marilyn Haskins

Counseling Secretary



[email protected]



Welcome to the Centralia High School Counseling Center.

Please use these direct phone lines to connect with Counselors 
Mikaela Gronseth, A-G: 360-827-6309

[email protected] 

Nicole Rakoz, H-O: 360-827-6275

[email protected]

Rose Waterfield, P-Z: 360-827-6121

[email protected]

We are here to serve you on school days from 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.The counselors are here to help the development of each student in academic, personal and social domains.
Ms. Marilyn Haskins is the Centralia High School Counseling Department Secretary.  She is there to help you navigate the counseling center with any questions you might have.  You can reach her  at 360-330-7609 or [email protected]  Ms. Haskins can help you with Skyward Logins, access to the registrar, questions regarding documents and scheduling or access to see your counselor. 
Mrs. Tina Christenson, CHS registrar at 360-827-6261 or [email protected] to help answer all high school registration questions. Ms. Christenson is your CHS contact for transcripts, records and data needs, name and address changes, access to each individual counselor, and help with documents.
Ms. Leighanne Eiland can be found in the counseling center to offer additional support.  Ms. Eiland is Centralia's Graduation Success Coordinator and will also be coordinating graduation events. If you have questions or concerns about needing some extra support to help your student reach graduation, Ms. Eiland will work with your students' counselor to monitor and help them achieve success.  You can reach LeighAnne at 360-827-6039 or email her at   [email protected]

Who can help you?

School counselors for grades 9-12 are Ms. Mikaela Gronseth,  Ms. Rose Waterfield and Ms. Nicole Rakoz.  They will support you in your endeavor to graduate and find success.  Students in grade 9-12 are assigned to a counselor alphabetically based on their last name.  Ms. Gronseth has alphabet A-G.   For alphabet H-O please contact Nicole Rakoz.  Ms. Waterfield has the alphabet P-Z
Did you know there is a Skyward, Inc.  App for your smart phone? Download from your phone vendor, install the app, use your phone for basic Skyward data retrieval.
Ms. Haskins is able to help you gain access and retrieve lost passwords.
The counseling center is full of other resources that can help you enroll in Centralia High School, help plan high school coursework and beyond, help in a crisis and encourage students' development in other ways.
Peggy Floyd and Jen Morris are our health room nurses and Ms. Karen Hernden is our health room assistant. You can reach the nurses or Health room assistant at 360-827-6271 to discuss a medication issue, get help, or to communicate with a student or to help you answer any questions you might have.



CEEB/SAT/ACT School Code


Counseling Center Phone


Counseling Center Fax


Counseling Center Web Page


After hours, please use this resource guide and hotlines to meet your needs. Hotlines for emergency needs, Guide for Lewis County Resources.


211 Information Hotline 2-1-1
Alcohol & Drug 24 HR Help Line              (206) 722-3700
Domestic Violence Hotline                                        (800) 799-7233
Hope Alliance Domestic Violence (360) 748-6601
Emergency Contraceptive Hotline                           (888) 668-2528
Family Planning Hotline                                            (800) 770-4334
Hazardous Substance Hotline               (800) 633-7585
Mental Health Crisis Hotline                                     (800) 559-6696
Missing Children Clearinghouse                            (800) 843-5678
Poison Control Hotline                                              (800) 222-1222
Provider One                                       (800) 562-3022
Suicide Prevention Hotline                                        (800) 273-8255   800-273-TALK
Suicide Text Line Text HOME to 741741
Washington Recovery Help Line                              (866) 789-1511
WA State HIV/AIDS Hotline                                   (800) 272-2437
Youth Crisis Hotline                                                   (877) 345-8336


Guide for Lewis County Resources:  LewCo Resource Guide